Empowering South African NPCs to Enhance Their Impact

South Africa had 270 313 NGOs registered with the NPO Directorate in Feb 2023, many of which are either closing their doors or struggling to be sustainable. They need support.

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Why We Help The Helpers

We believe in the transformative power of collective action, and our commitment to supporting NPCs stems from the conviction that by empowering these organizations, we amplify their capacity to effect positive change in communities. Through our support, we strive to cultivate a thriving network of NPCs, united by a shared vision of creating a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Catalysists For Change

Over the years, the Caban Foundation has been a catalyst for positive change, empowering and strengthening a wide network of other NPCs to achieve their missions more effectively

Collaboration at Heart

Collaborating with a diverse range of NPCs, we’ve facilitated skill-sharing and knowledge transfer, fostering a dynamic ecosystem where collective efforts lead to greater outco

Ripple Effect

The ripple effect of our support has been evident as we witness other NPCs thriving, innovating, and driving transformative change in alignment with their goals and aspirations

NPCs Also Need Support To Survive and Thrive

To truly maximize their impact and sustain their vital initiatives, NPCs also rely on the support and collaboration of individuals, businesses, and stakeholders who share their vision. By providing financial contributions, volunteering time and skills, and fostering partnerships, we can empower NPCs to amplify their efforts, reach more beneficiaries, and create a ripple effect of transformative change that resonates far beyond the confines of their immediate communities

Discover Our Work for
NPCs , in South Africa

Become Self Sustainable

We support NPCs Become Commercially Viable & Self Sustainable

Raise Funding

We Raise Funding for NPCs


We provide education and Training to NPCs or their stakeholders on issues that are important to them.

Corporate Finance Advisory

We act as corporate financiers to the NPCs we support

Actively Engage

We Actively Engage With NGOs to Make a Tangible Difference in the Communities They Serve

Supply and Logistics

We support with supply and logistics services through our networks

Thanks to you, we’ve raised more than R1 million in gift and aid for a NPC in Atlantis

Spread The Word

If you know of an NPC who needs help, please let us know and we will engage. By sharing this message with your friends, family, and networks, you're playing a crucial role in amplifying our impact. Let's work together to empower not-for-profit corporations and create a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Introduce Your Network

If you have connections to philanthropists who are passionate about making a positive impact and contributing to meaningful causes, we would be deeply grateful for your introduction. Together, we can amplify our impact and create a lasting legacy of positive transformation. Thank you for considering this request, and we look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded changemakers.

Volunteer at The NPCs We Support

Join us in supporting one of our incredible NPCs that's working tirelessly to create positive change. By volunteering your time and skills, you can be a driving force in their mission and contribute to the betterment of those in need. Whether you have a few hours to spare or want to get more involved, your efforts will leave a lasting mark. Step up today, lend a hand, and let's create a brighter future together!

Are You An NPC Seeking Support

Are you an organization dedicated to making a positive impact in your community? We're here to support your noble mission. Our team is ready to provide you with resources, guidance, and expertise to amplify your efforts and drive sustainable change. Let's join forces and create a brighter future together. Reach out to us today and let's embark on this transformative journey hand in hand!