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Applying for support from the Caban Foundation opens the door to a world of possibilities. We invite individuals, organizations, and initiatives with a shared commitment to community empowerment and sustainable impact to connect with us. Through a streamlined and collaborative process, we assess each application with care, seeking opportunities where our support can drive positive change. If you’re dedicated to making a meaningful difference, we encourage you to take the first step and apply for the Caban Foundation’s support. Your vision, coupled with our resources and expertise, can create ripples of transformation that reverberate far and wide

Who Should Apply

The Caban Foundation is dedicated to being a pillar of support for NGOs, charitable organizations, and Not-for-Profit Companies (NPCs) that are catalysts for positive transformation. Whether you’re a registered entity, in the process of registration, or require guidance on the registration journey, our commitment extends to all stages of development. We embrace those who have already completed their registration, those actively pursuing it, and those seeking guidance to navigate the process. Our goal is to empower your vision, whether it involves registered NGOs, charitable organizations, or NPCs, by providing the platform and resources necessary to drive real-world impact. If you share our passion for creating lasting change, we invite you to join us in shaping a better future for all.

What We Can Not Support

While we are committed to facilitating positive change, there are specific areas and activities that fall outside the scope of our support. We do Not Support:

  • Activities that promote religious or political views.
  • Purely commercial ventures aimed at generating profit.
  • Activities that discriminate against individuals based on religion, sexual orientation, sex, or ethnicity, unless the focus is on addressing group-specific issues.
    NPCs that entail personal benefits or personal gain.
  • Organizations where trustees receive payment, unless approval evidence is provided from the all members of such an NPC and/or this arrangement is formally documented in the organization’s governing document.

We believe in fostering transparency, accountability, and ethical practices in all our endeavors. As such, we adhere to these guidelines to ensure that our supp

How We Support

We support by nurturing, collaborating, and empowering, fostering a robust ecosystem of positive change that reverberates through communities and beyond

We Raise Funding For NGOs & Assist Them With Corporate Finance

We Support NGOs to Become Commercially Viable & Self Sustainable

We support NGOs to become self sustainable so that can focus on their purpose and serve those who need them most.

We Actively Engage With NGOs to Make a Tangible Difference in the Communities They Serve

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Don’t wait to make a difference – seize the opportunity and apply now. Your vision combined with our support can ignite powerful change

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