Elevate your corporate giving with the Caban Foundation. Engage in meaningful community impact by supporting smaller, local community organizations right in your business’s backyard. Your partnership can make a significant difference where you work and operate, fostering positive change and amplifying the impact of grassroots initiatives. Join us in nurturing communities and creating a brighter future together.



Helping You Forge Connections to the Causes, Locations, and Communities that Matte

Whether your dedication lies in empowering a particular community, driving transformation within a specific region, or addressing pressing social challenges, the Caban Foundation is here to stand beside you.

Leveraging our extensive networks, insights, and proficiency, we facilitate your discovery and support of lesser-known charities and community initiatives. Often operating quietly, these organizations are driven by local, trusted, and efficient teams of staff and volunteers. Their remarkable efforts have an extraordinary impact on South Africa’s most vulnerable and marginalized residents. Your support in this endeavor is invaluable, contributing to meaningful change and fostering a substantial, lasting impact.

Giving and Support in a Way That Works For You and Your Organisation.

Supporting The Caban Foundation is flexible and impactful. You have a range of avenues to contribute. Opt for a tailored community fund aligned with your organization’s impact objectives, which we can assist you in setting up. Alternatively join forces with fellow donors in our community funding initiatives, uniting around shared causes. Leave a lasting legacy by establishing an annual contribution that ensures a brighter future for years to come.

Our commitment extends to providing you with a cost-effective solution to manage your charitable contributions to any of the communities in South Africa which we support. Contact us to discuss the options which best suit your business and CSR objectives.

We are driven by the desire to facilitate your meaningful connections within the South African NPC community. For more information, feel free to reach out to Matt or Dave for an engaging conversation at

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