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Discover the Impact: Navigating the Heart of Our Initiatives. Welcome to ‘Our Work,’ where each endeavour is a testament to our commitment to nurturing communities and fostering lasting positive change.

What We Do

We believe in the transformative power of collective action, and our commitment to supporting NPCs stems from the conviction that by empowering these organizations, we amplify their capacity to effect positive change in communities. Through our support, we strive to cultivate a thriving network of NPCs, united by a shared vision of creating a brighter and more equitable future for all.

Through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives, we actively contribute to meaningful change that resonates far beyond the surface. Our commitment to making a difference has led us to establish a vibrant ecosystem of support, connecting you to the heart of the causes, locales, and communities that matter most.

Behind every successful endeavour lies the strength of collaboration. At [Your South African NPC’s Name], we recognise the unique value that local community organisations bring to the table. Our mission is to empower these unsung heroes, amplifying their reach, and providing them with the resources they need to thrive. With a steadfast commitment to transparency, accountability, and impactful governance, we stand as a catalyst for transformation, linking arms with those who share our vision for a brighter tomorrow.

Some of The Great NPCs We Are Involved With

The Design 26 Foundation in South Africa stands as a beacon of creativity, innovation, and social change. With a resolute commitment to harnessing the power of design for positive impact, the foundation serves as a dynamic catalyst within local communities. Through a blend of visionary design principles and community-driven initiatives, Design 26 empowers individuals and organizations to bring their creative visions to life. By nurturing talent, fostering collaboration, and igniting a passion for design, the foundation cultivates a thriving ecosystem that transcends aesthetics, driving holistic transformation and shaping a brighter future for South Africa.

We are currently supporting The Design 26Foundation towards build the 1st sewing skills and entrepreneurship training centre in Mitchell’s Plain that will contribute to skills development, job creation and restoration of dignity to young women in the Cape Flats.

Part of this was the recent funding raising initiative hosted at the The Leeuwenhof estate in Cape Town, official residence of the Premier of the Western Cape.

At the Caban Foundation, we wholeheartedly support Muiz Kitchen’s inspiring mission through active engagement to create a meaningful difference. As passionate advocates for leveraging design for positive impact, we collaborate closely with Muiz Kitchen by providing  advisory services that enhance their operational efficiency and effectiveness. Beyond guidance, we roll up our sleeves and volunteer our services for one day each week, immersing ourselves in the heart of Muiz Kitchen’s noble cause. This hands-on involvement extends to the preparation of food, a vital component of Muiz Kitchen’s community-centered initiative. Together, we channel the transformative power of design and active participation to amplify Muiz Kitchen’s reach, nourishing both body and soul within the community we proudly serve.

The Atlantis Dream Team was established to uplift the Atlantis community through creating sustainable jobs and the provision of services that address the economic and social needs of the community.

One of the pressing social needs of Atlantis is the very real need for decent nutrition. The Dream Team assists in this regard at present through a soup kitchen – but there are many more projects in the pipeline.

The project commenced in 2002, operating out of Maggies Vass’ garage, when she started feeding 30 people, mostly children.

Today she feeds 300 people, five times a week. While this sounds like a large number the reality is that she needs to turn many people away each time as the food runs out. And for many this is the only meal they get for the day.

Our philosophy is as follows: To acknowledge and respect the basic human rights of the people; To maintain the integrity of the community; To acknowledge and support reconstruction and development programmes; and Empowerment of people.

The Next Phase The next phase of the Atlantis Dream Team is the construction and operation of a crèche and youth centre. There is a large tract of open land across the road from the Atlantis Dream Team, which Maggie and her team maintain, that is owned by the Cape Town City Council.

An agreement has been reached with the Council to purchase the land at a nominal fee. Now that the option to purchase land has been secured the next step is to raise the capital to purchase the land and build the crèche and youth centre.

These are desperately need facilities as getting the children off the streets is the first step towards eradicating gangsterism and affording the youth access to early childhood development programmes.




The Caban Foundation has partnered with Lawhill Marine School at the Simons Town Maritime Centre to foster entrepreneurship and drive impactful change. Through this collaboration, we have established an Entrepreneurship Society within Lawhill Marine School, a dynamic initiative that has led to the creation and nurturing of five distinct businesses. Our involvement goes beyond just establishment, as we are actively engaged in providing invaluable mentorship to these enterprises. Additionally, we facilitate access to vital networks, connecting the budding entrepreneurs with industry experts and resources that amplify their potential for success. Looking ahead, our commitment extends to offering future support in raising essential financial resources, ensuring that these ventures thrive and make a lasting positive impact. Together, we are cultivating a culture of entrepreneurship and empowerment, harnessing the potential of these businesses to contribute to both individual growth and the broader community’s prosperity.

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