We Collaborate With You To Find What Works

At the Caban Foundation, we collaborate with you and your family to enable impactful personal giving across South Africa.

Our approach is flexible and tailored to your preferences. Whether you seek to create an immediate impact on a specific cause or require assistance in establishing a comprehensive, long-term giving initiative, we specialize in crafting personalized community giving programs that align with your vision.


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Choose a Cause Close to Your Heart

The Caban Foundation specializes in supporting impactful community initiatives across South Africa. We are deeply connected with the organizations making a positive difference in our local communities, allowing us to align your interests with the most pressing needs on the ground.

Collaborating closely with you, we not only facilitate the creation or contribution to a fund aligned with your goals, but also ensure genuine social impact by directing your philanthropic support where it’s most impactful.

Your involvement is pivotal at every step of the journey. You hold the reins in deciding whom to support.

Together, we possess the ability to fortify communities and transform lives

Determine Your Preferred Approach to Giving

The Caban Foundation offers an array of giving options tailored to your preferences. Choose between a customized fund designed to align with your objectives or combine efforts with fellow philanthropists who share your values. You can also establish an endowment to create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Channel Your Focus Where It Matters

Simplicity and efficacy define our approach to your generous contributions. As your collaborative partner, we leverage our expertise to:

Conduct thorough due diligence and assessments, ensuring your valuable donation is meticulously managed and cared for. Relieve you of administrative burdens associated with setting up a private foundation, encompassing asset management, grant selection, and administration. Foster meaningful engagement opportunities with the charities benefiting from your fund. Illuminate the far-reaching impact of your giving

Partner with us to increase the impact of your philanthropic giving

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