Corporate Giving 

At The Caban Foundation, we believe that corporate giving is a powerful force for positive change. By partnering with businesses and organizations, we create impactful initiatives that drive transformation in communities across South Africa. Our Corporate Giving page provides insights into how businesses can collaborate with us to make a difference. Discover the various ways your company can get involved and contribute to our mission of unity and lasting change.

Learn more about Corporate Giving and how your business can make a meaningful impact on our Corporate Giving page.

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Personal Giving

Personal giving is at the heart of The Caban Foundation’s mission. Your support has the power to create a ripple effect of change in South African communities. Through our Personal Giving page, you can explore the different ways to contribute and be part of our vision for unity and transformation. Whether through one-time donations, regular giving, or fundraising efforts, your generosity fuels our projects and initiatives, leaving a positive and lasting impact on those in need.

Discover the numerous ways you can make a personal impact through giving on our Personal Giving page.

Join us in our journey of making a difference.